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About Us


To promote awe and wonder, spark curiosity and let children be children.


We let children play with real items and natural resources using their imagination to let it be whatever they make it. No one tells them what it should be or looks for an end product.

Children are individuals with their own interests and they need to develop at their own pace. We want to celebrate the unique personality that each child brings to our setting.

Through their play we work towards independence and an eagerness and appetite to learn, as the children journey through their early education.


From their first day with us until their last, we support them to move towards reaching the Early Years Foundation Stage Goals. 

Mosterton Pre-School is located on the West Dorset/South Somerset border. We are surrounded by many small rural villages and countryside. 

The pre-school was established in 1981 by a small number of parents from Mosterton village for the local children and we have grown to a charity run business which serves families from the local villages and towns surrounding Mosterton. 

The Pre-School caters for children 2 - 4 years old. We pride ourselves on a welcoming, family feel within our community. We offer our children and families a high quality learning environment which develops children using their own interests and within their individual development rates.


We are open from 8.45-3.15 Monday to Friday. We operate session times with a choice of collection times throughout the day.


The caterpillar room is for children who are 2 - 3 years old. We create an environment through which the children can learn through being curious, hands on and testing their own ideas and abilities. 

We encourage the children to be resilient learners who gain confidence and self-esteem to become motivated to fulfil their full potential. 

Busy Bees

In Busy Bees we continue to provide an environment which is challenging, stimulating and supportive of a child's individual development.

The Busy Bees become critical thinkers in their learning and take the lead with their ideas. We work towards independence, an eagerness and appetite to learn through play and new opportunities as they move through the education system. 

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