We are seeking a new chairperson!

We are looking for an enthusiastic individual to lead our charitable Preschool. After 3 years on the committee, Sophie is stepping down in November. If you have some time to spare and are interested in contributing to the management of our local early years setting we would love to hear from you. You’ll be working alongside other voluntary committee members and our staff members. Mosterton preschool is run by a voluntary committee of parents - but anyone can join. We are a friendly and welcoming group who work together towards providing the best learning opportunities we can for our children and you could be part of this amazing team. If you are interested in finding out more about what is involved please contact

Sophie Fooks mostertonpreschooloffice@gmail.com

We also need a new treasurer and would like to appoint a vice chairperson, to support the chair.- if you think either of these roles may appeal to you please also contact us for more info.

These roles need to be filled at our AGM on November 10th, without these the preschool would have to close!

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